• Sunday, June 21, 2020

We have edited all our existing articles and updated outdated articles, images, and fixed typo mistakes. We did not add any new articles because we needed to first updated existing outdated articles.

What's New?

  • We updated all existing articles because many articles were outdated.
  • Removed some Softaculous articles which were removed by Softaculous.
  • Softaculous article renamed from OpenBlog to Pubvana.
  • Softaculous article renamed from Kliqqi to Plikli.
  • Some images are also removed. Most of the images are updated.
  • Improved watermarking position. (Reported by our customer)
  • Typo mistakes fixed.
  • The proofreader checked all articles.
  • Articles on Android is now based on Android 10, and Apple articles on iOS 13.
  • Images are far bigger than earlier images.

Articles removed: (Related to Softaculous)
1. Ghost
2. ocPortal
3. jCore

Articles renamed: (Related to Softaculous)
1. OpenBlog is now Pubvana.
2. Kliqqi is now Plikli