Apple Announces New iPad Pro (2024)

Source: What’s New? The new iPad Pro unveiled at Apple’s “Let Loose” event boasts impressive upgrades, including the first M4 chip, a stunning OLED Ultra Retina XDR Display, and enhanced camera capabilities for a seamless creative experience. OLED Displays The new iPad combines the light from two panels, allowing it to reach 1,000 nits […]

How To Install Apache Web Server on Ubuntu 24.04

Ubuntu 24.04 Desktop

Introduction The Apache web server is a popular open-source software that powers numerous websites around the world. It seamlessly works on Ubuntu 24.04 – as of the writing of this article, the latest version of Ubuntu. Apache can be easily integrated via the apt-get package manager and allows hosting of static and dynamic content, virtual […]

10 New & Improved Features in Ubuntu 24.04

Ubuntu 24.04 Desktop

A Brief History Ubuntu is an open-source Linux distribution that has gained immense popularity over the years. Its journey began with the release of Ubuntu 4.10 (Warty Warthog) on October 20, 20041. This inaugural version, built upon Debian, marked the inception of a new era. Canonical Ltd., the driving force behind Ubuntu, committed to releasing new versions every six months, with 18 […]

Everything New In Windows Server 2025 Insider Preview

Windows Server Desktop

10 New Features of Windows Server 2025 1. ARM64 Architecture Support Windows Server 2025 embraces the ARM64 architecture, making it compatible with ARM-based hardware. This opens up new possibilities for energy-efficient servers and diverse deployment scenarios. 2. Hotpatching for Security Updates Keeping servers up-to-date is critical for security. Windows Server 2025 introduces hotpatching, allowing administrators […]