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Everything New In Windows Server 2025 Insider Preview

Windows Server Desktop

10 New Features of Windows Server 2025

1. ARM64 Architecture Support

Windows Server 2025 embraces the ARM64 architecture, making it compatible with ARM-based hardware. This opens up new possibilities for energy-efficient servers and diverse deployment scenarios.

2. Hotpatching for Security Updates

Keeping servers up-to-date is critical for security. Windows Server 2025 introduces hotpatching, allowing administrators to apply security patches without rebooting the entire system. This minimizes downtime and ensures continuous service availability.

3. Enhanced Security Features

Zero Trust Architecture: Windows Server 2025 emphasizes a zero-trust approach, where every access request is verified, regardless of the user’s location or network.

Secured Core Servers: These servers are hardened at the firmware and hardware levels, providing robust protection against firmware attacks and other vulnerabilities.

4. Improved Performance and Scalability

Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) Enhancements: S2D gains performance improvements, better fault tolerance, and support for larger clusters.

Cluster Sets: Windows Server 2025 introduces cluster sets, enabling seamless scaling across multiple clusters. This simplifies management and enhances resource utilization.

5. Containerization and Kubernetes Integration

Windows Containers: Enhanced support for Windows containers allows developers to build and deploy applications more efficiently.

Kubernetes on Windows: Windows Server 2025 integrates seamlessly with Kubernetes, facilitating container orchestration and management.

6. Hybrid Cloud Integration

Azure Arc: Extend Azure management capabilities to on-premises and multi-cloud environments. Windows Server 2025 integrates with Azure Arc for centralized management and governance.

Azure Stack HCI: A hyperconverged infrastructure solution that combines Windows Server 2025 with Azure services for hybrid scenarios.

7. Improved Hyper-V Features

Nested Virtualization: Windows Server 2025 enhances nested virtualization, allowing VMs to run within VMs for testing and development purposes.

Hyper-V Replica Enhancements: Improved replication features for disaster recovery scenarios.

8. Efficient Management Tools

Windows Admin Center: A web-based management interface that simplifies server administration tasks.

PowerShell 7: The latest version of PowerShell provides advanced scripting capabilities for automation.

9. Application Compatibility and Modernization

App Compatibility Toolkit: Helps organizations assess and update legacy applications for compatibility with Windows Server 2025.

.NET 6 Support: Windows Server 2025 includes support for .NET 6, enabling modern application development.

10. Streamlined Licensing and Pricing

Microsoft aims to simplify licensing models, making it easier for organizations to choose the right edition based on their needs.

In summary, Windows Server 2025 brings a blend of innovation, security, and efficiency to the world of server infrastructure. Whether you’re a system administrator, developer, or IT decision-maker, these features promise a brighter future for managing your server workloads.

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